Health tips


Adventists have long practiced and advocated health and wellness principles that are now recognized and widely accepted by health professionals everywhere. Here are several key health wellness principles:


AFGExercise: Is key component of Adventist wellness. Getting regular exercise is an important part of the Adventist health message.




AFGNutrition: Eating right is one of the basic principles of good health. Your nutrition can also be improved by exploring alternative healthy lifestyle options such as vegetarianism.




AFGWater: Drinking plenty of water keeps your system healthily. Natural drinks like juice and water help keep you in good health.




AFGFresh Air: Breathing fresh air is not only refreshing but very healthful. Stagnate indoor air can not only cause allergies but also other respiratory and health conditions.




AFGSelf Control: Practicing self-control is vital in establishing good health. Limiting food intake and other indulgences lead to better health.




AFGSunlight: While too much sun is not good, too little sun can lead to poor health. It is important to get the right amount of sunlight to stay healthy.




AFGRest: Without proper sleep the body and mind break down. Sleep troubles can be addressed and improved leading to healthful rest.




AFGPositive Attitude: A positive mental attitude aids and nourishes the body. Positive thoughts improve your mind and body.




AFGAddiction Free Lifestyle: Having a lifestyle free from alcohol and substance abuse results in happier and healthier living.




AFGTrust in God: Connecting with your Creator raises your spirit and inspires your soul. A connection with God enhances your health and clears your mind.